Built around the extant Teahouse and flowering cherry trees, the Kohan Garden commemorates our Japanese Canadian neighbours’ experience of internment during WWII. Remembering those events will help conserve our collective human rights. Creation of a quiet, beautiful place for reflection and appreciation of the gifts of nature was also a founding goal for the Garden, achieved in the Master Gardener’s design and long-term commitment of volunteer supporters…a perfect blend of memory and beauty.

Marking the loss of a loved one with a bench or plaque in a significant spot is another form of memory keeping and people have sometimes requested this type of memorial for their loved one in the Kohan Garden. SLGS is grateful for, and appreciates the sentiment in these offers; however, there are no signs or dedications in the Garden, except those most necessary for safety or garden maintenance. While the Garden’s peaceful and contemplative ambiance and the natural gifts of nature require no signs, monetary memorial gifts are accepted by the Society and help sustain the Garden.

In place of signs and plaques, the Slocan Lake Garden Society commemorates here, all those who have made significant contributions to the Garden.

Pauli Inose: Pauli was a much-loved founding member of the SLGS. She brought tea and cookies to each weekly work party and contributed faithfully to the development of the Garden for many years.

Jean Belcher: A founding board member, Jean was also a long-time and regular financial supporter of the Garden.

Eleanor Quirk: A founding member who contributed to a number of early Kohan Garden development projects.

Webb Cummings: Another long-time board member and volunteer, Webb would regularly bring freshly baked bread to the Spring and Autumn Clean-ups. He provided a mentoring relationship to university students who volunteered on the Secure the Shore Project. His family donated funds for the Garden.

Natasha Weiss: Natasha was one of the Kohan Garden contract workers when she suddenly and tragically passed away. After her memorial, which was held in the Garden, her family and friends donated funds for the Garden.

Bair Brock: During his younger years Bair volunteered many hours to the early development of the Garden.