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The Slocan Lake Garden Society has formed a Legacy Fund to help with long term sustainability in terms of supporting it's operating costs, improvements, and maintenance. 

Many of the Kohan's original gardeners are aging out and thereby actively working towards ensuring that there are resources available for long term sustainability.


The SLUGS invite friends, members, and community residents to consider legacy gifts as a way to support the long term viability of the Kohan. A legacy is a gift of money or personal asset which is granted by the terms of a will. 


Some ways to make a legacy gift are:

Bequests in your will.

Life insurance policies.RRSP or RRIF beneficiary.

Charitable gift annuities. 


The SLUGS, of course, continue to engage in ongoing fundraising activities. Funds, in excess, of operating costs, are channeled towards the Legacy Fund.